YOU Are the Hero

By Jessica de la Morena (Spain)

Deciding to share my story more widely with you all has been one of the most revolutionary steps I have taken, and one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. It does take courage to be vulnerable, but it has brought me so much joy to be contacted by so many of you. I have heard from heroes from across the globe who are experiencing their own personal disruption and feeling the love that comes from connecting with others who understand. I have been inspired by those of you who have reached out to share with me and that my story has empowered you to take steps to share yours.

Throughout my life disruption and personal transformation, I have also learned a lot about being vulnerable and how powerful it can be. Before my illness, I wasn’t accustomed to being vulnerable most of the time, due to social conditioning, as well as being in corporate environments that are not conducive to it. However, when I was first diagnosed, I found myself in a constant state of “uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure,” which is how Brene Brown defines vulnerability. It was so overpowering that I had no choice but to embrace it fully. And that is when the magic happens: when you embrace your vulnerability and let go. Connections with people become more meaningful, anxiety subsides, and your life becomes more aligned with your true heart’s desire.

I have always wished for a community for those of us who are on a journey of personal disruption. And personal disruption can be related to so many different parts of our lives. Whether it’s related to health, family, children, work, love, friendship, your inner self, or even the pandemic we are all experiencing worldwide, disruption can come as a shock – sometimes even overnight – and it can rock us to our core. Even though disruption can feel lonely and isolating, I want to remind you that you are not alone.

My story can act as a conversation starter for us to share with one another and I hope you will join me in sharing yours.

In creating this community for us, I envisioned a set of shared values that we can all agree to when sharing our stories. The aim is to provide positive and constructive support for one another as we lift each other up in our healing and connect with people who can help us learn more about our inner power and help navigate our path.

The values that inspire me are the foundation on which I hope to build this new community for us. Click here to read more detailed descriptions of my core values and what guides me in creating our community.

Serendipity allows us to turn the situations in our lives into opportunities.

Trust is the lens through which we all tell our stories.

Respect is our shared commitment to honor one another and our experiences.

Positivity is an agreement to lift one another up with constructive and positive feedback.

Open Minded attitudes allow us to seek different perspectives and see the world differently, learning from each other.

Inspirational is an intention to inspire others, especially those at the start of their journeys who may need extra encouragement.

It’s in this spirit that I encourage you to join me in the U ARE THE HERO community. My goal is to provide a safe space for people around the world to share stories and connect with others who have shared values, who have lived through the same loneliness, and who need or can provide a beacon of light to others.

I want to give you a space where you can release and let go of your brave face and reach out to others when your whole world flips upside down. I want to help you find the courage to reach out. And eventually, I want to empower you to be a guiding light to others once you are on the other side. We can support and lift ourselves up through our community and can even help ourselves by sharing external resources that we have found that have been useful.

It feels like the right time to share with you some of my learnings as well. I’ve learned that making small but meaningful changes in my life over time has led to enormous growth and healing. Writing has been instrumental for me, and it’s a simple, powerful exercise towards self-discovery, response-ability, and connecting with my inner hero. These are things I know you can discover inside yourself, and create deeper connections with your loved ones, and make new friends together.

I will be sharing my story, as well as what I have learned on my journey to wellbeing, and practical ways to apply my specific realizations to your situation and what you are facing.

I invite you to seek out the opportunity to create your own experience and a new outlook on your life. This is deep work and requires looking inward, but it’s a journey worth taking. Through the process of sharing your experiences, building caring support networks, and learning about new resources, you will gain the tools and the courage to discover your inner power. You will be empowered and inspired in your own abilities and discover your inner hero. YOU are the hero you have been looking for.

I look forward to reading your stories and connecting with you in our community of like-minded heroes.

Even if you are not quite ready to share your story in our community, I encourage you to share your story with others on Instagram. Add the #uarethehero hashtags and tag @u_are_the_hero and we can all find one another there too. Please grow our movement by sharing my account with your network so that we can build a supportive and healing community.

I’m sending you much strength and love, and a reminder that no matter your journey you are not alone. And oftentimes the hero you are searching for has been within you the whole time.


8 thoughts on “YOU Are the Hero

21 January 2021

Thank you so much Kamal ! I wish you the same for 2021 !! YOU are the hero.

25 January 2021

So proud of you, friend. Very happy to see this beautiful community flourish. YOU are the hero, and thanks for reminding us that we are all heroes too!

6 June 2021

Your story and outlook are just what I needed this morning. You are doing tremendous things here and I hope I can inspire someone as you have me.

    7 June 2021

    Thanks so much for visiting the website! I am so happy that it has inspired you!
    YOU are the hero!!

13 November 2021

Jessica, your outlook and values mirror my own. I am honored to be connected to you in this way. We have an opportunity to connect, share, learn from, and grow with one another when down in the trenches and your site is a great way to start those relationships. Wishing you all the best in the years to come!

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