You are a galaxy of stars

By: Louise Alexandra Erskine

Sometimes just breathing can leave you feeling crushed and not revived

Like you’re an ocean so ravaged of salt you question was I ever an ocean at all,

Or a mountain beginning to crumble asking yourself how far do I have to fall before I’m no longer a mountain but a foothill

How many knocks can you take before you wonder is it even worth it

Before you ask yourself what it is you’re fighting for

But know this

the fire isn’t burning you it’s refining you

if it were easy

You wouldn’t know what you could overcome

You wouldn’t know how much grit you had and you’d have carried on sailing through life thinking it was okay just to be a light in the dark without ever realising you were an entire galaxy of stars.


One thought on “You are a galaxy of stars

19 April 2021

A beautiful reminder that the butterfly needs to struggle out of the cocoon in order to develop the strength in its wings to fly!

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