Terms of Use

  1. Introduction

These terms of use  regulate the use of the website https://www.www.uarethehero.com (from here onwards, the “Web” or the “Site”), which is property of the owner who is identified later in this document.

As a user, you must know that website browsing, which includes the mere access to the Web, implies full acceptance of this Terms of Use (or those that replace them in the future) without reservations, including the Privacy Policy and the Cookie Policy (in conjunction referred to as the “Conditions.”) Therefore, it is important that you read carefully this document before using this Web and if as a user you do not  agree with it, you should refrain from using it.

Our information

In accordance with applicable regulation, please find below information about the owner of this Site:

  • Name:      UAre the Hero, S.L.
  • Commercial Name: U are the Hero
  • DNI: I am concerned about the dissemination of my ID number, however, if you were to need it, please email me, and I will provide it to you gladly
  • Email address: info@uarethehero.com

Both the Web https://www.www.uarethehero.com and it´s owner will be referred to herein as “UATH” or the “Web”.

These Conditions are governed by the legislation in force at any given time and by the principle of good faith. As a ser, you commit to make a good use of the Web in accordance with the following provisions. Failure to comply with these Conditions, or any illegal activity, may imply the loss of your rights of usage.

Specifically, by using this Web, you agree :

  • To be over e 18 years and have  full legal capacity
  • That the r information that you voluntarily provide to us is lawful, true, and accurate and above all, it belongs to you. You may not share information that is not yours.
  • That we can use your data (as the case may be) to get in touch with you if necessary (see our Privacy Policy )
  • Not to use the Web for illicit or injurious purposes, or in any way that may cause harm or prevent the normal operation of the website. The content and information that you share through the Web will be lawful, true and respectful of the privacy rights and intellectual property of third parties.
  • To have read, understood, and accepted these Terms of Use.

UATH, as the owner of the Web, reserves the right to modify at any given time these Conditions.

  1. Purpose. Use of the Web.

The Site https://www.www.uarethehero.com has been created by UATH as a community for people going through a life disruption (an illness, the loss of a loved one, a failure … ); it is a place where people can share their experiences in order to inspire, through common values, personal growth and the possibility to overcome difficulties. We want to provide users with access to information related to similar experiences, fully aware that no experience is the same but that all experiences can be helpful. UATH DOES NOT OFFER MEDICAL RECOMMENDATIONS. REMEMBER THAT YOU MUST FOLLOW THE RECOMMENDATIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS OF YOUR DOCTORS AND THERAPISTS. WHATEVER TREATMENT OR THERAPY THAT YOU LEARN ABOUT ON THIS WEB MUST BE APPROVED AND VALIDATED BY YOUR CHOSEN PROFESSIONALS.

Browsing on this Web does not imply that you must register, however in order to have  access to certain services or features you may  need to register and provide certain information. In any case, the system will allow you to choose the identity with which you want to be visible publicly.

Keep in mind that when you access as a user on our Web, you do so under your own and sole responsibility, therefore in case of any misuse of the Web, you will be responsible for any  damages that you may cause to any third parties or to UATH, and you will bear any and all costs, expenses and indemnities  that may be incurred by such third parties or UATH.

It is possible that you find links on our Web to third party websites. If you click on them please be aware that these websites have their own terms  of use and privacy policies and that we are not responsible for their policies. Please be sure to check their policies before browsing other websites.



  1. Obligations. Correct use of the Content. Responsibilities.

Correct use of the Content

This Web makes available content and information provided directly by UATH, as well as content and experiences shared by users.

As a user you commit to using this content shared with you in compliance with these Conditions, as well as the Law  and generally accepted ethics and good behavior. Each user guarantees www.www.uarethehero.com that he or she is the sole and exclusive owner of the rights inherent to the content that is being shared on this Web, or that he or she has the authority and permission of the owners of these rights.

UATH may edit, moderate, and/or erase content and opinions of users that UATH may  legitimately considered, without the need to notify users (though it may be possible that we contact you beforehand if we deem it necessary to adapt the wording of your story, so that you may validate it before publishing it).

UATH reserves the right to not publish any received content that is considered unsuitable to our values or that do not fulfill these Conditions, as well block or cancel immediately access to  users that do not use the Web correctly, being able to share their contact information to public authorities so that they may take any consequential actions necessary.

It is not allowed to reproduce, distribute or modify, totally or partially, any content on this web owned by UATH or facilitated by users or third parties, for commercial or advertising purposes.

The user will not use the Web for wrongful purposes, injurious to the personal or professional image of the users, of UATH or of any third party, or in any way that may harm, disable, overload, or prevent the normal use of the Web, the computer systems and all kinds of content stored in any computer hardware (hacking) of UATH, of other Users or any Internet user (hardware and software).

If you want to share your experience, remember that the content you send us could be publicly disclosed . Don`t share sensitive information, nor information that is not yours, nor contact information (yours and of third parties). In particular, keep in mind that health information is especially sensitive and that you are the sole responsible for the content that you make available through your narrative.

If you share your story, it is understood that you expressly authorize www.www.uarethehero.com to edit and publish that content along with your name (chosen pseudonym). If you provide us with your narrative, it is understood that as a user you are providing www.www.uarethehero.com with the indefinite, global, free, and transferable non exclusive right to all the intellectual property rights and whatever other rights over the content that you share for dissemination on the Web (or throughout applications or social media that UATH promotes, such as Instagram).…

The Web reserves the right to:

  • Use the content provided by any and all users to disseminate and promote its activities and services by including texts, images, or announcements in any other channels, social media or communication channels, always respecting privacy rights of users.
  • Eliminate content and links to other websites that users may include in their narratives, if the Web considers that the content shared were illegal or harmed the rights of third parties.

Responsibility of UATH. Guarantee Exclusion.



  • The content, opinions, or information shared by the users or by third parties through the website, nor its lack of lawfulness, quality, reliability or usefulness, nor possible inaccuracies or errors that could appear in this information.
  • The lack of availability, maintenance and effective performance of the Web, its services or its content.
  • The existence of malware, malicious programs, or harm in the content.
  • The illicit, negligent, or fraudulent use or contrary to these Conditions of the Web, by users or any third party.

UATH rejects any   liability for damages that may arise from illicit or improper use of this Web, as previously mentioned . In any case, the user will be directly   liable, and not UATH, of all possible financial claims, or any kind of claim, that UATH may receive due to   previously mentioned illicit acts and/or as a consequence of the breach of the obligations of the users established in these Conditions. Furthermore, the user will be responsible for any claims or incidents that he or she could be involved due to the improper  use of the Web.

In the same way, any contact or contractual or extra-contractual relationship that a user formalizes with other users, or with third parties, known or contacted through this Web, are understood to be made solely and exclusively between the user and the third person, without  UATH having any responsibility of such contact , nor in the result of said relation.

  1. Privacy Policy

To understand the information that we collect from you and how we do it, you should read our Privacy Policy carefully.

  1. Security Measures

The personal data communicated by the user to UATH may or may not be stored in automated databases, owned exclusively by UATH, assuming they comply with all technical, organization, and security requirements that guarantee confidentiality, integrity and quality of the information stored in them, adhering to current data protection regulation.

The communication between users and UATH uses a secure channel and the best reliable conditions to protect the confidentiality of users. Nevertheless, the user must be conscious that security measures on the internet are not always fully reliable and, therefore, UATH cannot guarantee that there is no malware or other elements that may produce disturbances in the information systems of the user.

  1. Intellectual Property Rights and other Rights.

As a user you acknowledge and accept that the entire Site (including without limitation its own structure and design, as well as any text, design, photography, images, music, or programming codes) are protected by the intellectual or industrial property law and related regulations, and that the rights belong exclusively to UATH or its legitimate owners. In no case, it shall  be construed that the use or access of the Site or services offered provide the User with any rights over the mentioned content, design and any other materials.

Consequently, it is strictly forbidden to copy, modify, alter, publish, communicate, disseminate, sell or convey the content or materials of this web or programming code, in its totality or partially, without the written permission of UATH.

Access to the Site does not imply a waiver, transmission, or assignment of the intellectual or industrial property rights by UATH, nor does it provide any third party rights of exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication of its content, without the previous express written permission of the respective owners of these rights. The right of use of the web is limited to its visualization y, when and if this right is exercised in good faith and the intellectual and industrial property rights of the owner of such rights are not altered, and it is used without commercial purpose and exclusively for personal use.

UATH declares its respect for the intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties. In this context, if you consider that we could infringed any of your rights, we kindly ask you to please contact us at hello@uarethehero.com.

  1. Applicable Law. Dispute Resolution

The present Conditions and the use of the Web or any service offered by UATH are governed by Spanish Law. IThe Parties expressly accepts that any controversy that may arise out of the use of this Web shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the Madrid Courts (Spain).

We also make available the online dispute resolution platform provided by the European Commission that can be found at the following link: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

  1. Contact

In case you have any question about these legal Conditions or any comment on the Web, please contact us at hello@uarethehero.com.

These Terms of Use have been updated on January 4, 2021