Surviving cervical cancer changed my life

By: Carmen Cid (Spain)

In the year 2000 I was diagnosed in a routine check-up with a grade 3 tumor, cervical cancer… just like that, “out of the blue”.

When they gave me the news, it was a shock for me, and I asked myself, “was I going to die?” How long do I have?” What does grade 3 mean?” Thousands of questions crowded in my throat, but I kept quiet listening to the doctor explaining the steps I had to follow … I got very few answers, which made me feel very terrified.

The most urgent thing was to remove it as soon as possible, and after analyzing it, we would decide what steps to follow.

I did not speak to anyone about it until I was clear about the day of the surgery and knew what to expect, and I just had my best friend go with me to the tests, as I could not face that alone.

After many tests and visits to the hospital, in which I was treated quite coldly, I found out that before my surgery I needed to undergo a somewhat complex test. The only doctor who carried out these tests did not have much availability. It was urgent, and it was essential that I get an appointment so as not to delay the surgery.

I was quite scared, as the tumor was very aggressive and every day counted. It seemed that everything was complicated. No one helped me, until I spoke with a certain nurse. I only remember that she was blonde. Desperate, I explained what was happening and told her that she needed me to sneak me into the appointments for the test.  She looked at me, and I remember her calm, serene look.  She smiled at me, the only smile during all that journey, and she said “don’t worry, come tomorrow. The doctor will perform the test, be calm.” I will never be able to thank her enough: in all the maremagnum of hospital corridors, people and more people treating me as “another thing,” she showed me warmth and humanity.

I finally talked to my parents about it, and after the surgery, we found out that the area had been left completely clean. Even so, they recommended chemo and radiation. I felt this was a personal decision for me to make, and I decided against it. They tried to convince me, but I decided to look for alternatives.  I used Clark Therapy, changed my diet, and worked on emotional healing. Since then there was never any trace of a tumor in my body, and 20 years later I am still “clean”.

I began to study holistic therapies. I wanted to help others, as others did with me, and give a more natural vision, alternative options, and provide decision-making capacity. Three years later, I quit my job, and I turned my life towards holistic medicine. 17 years later I continue to help others to be healthy, empowered and accompanied. My friend, my parents, that nurse … they are my heroes, like all my patients, and I feel that I have been a hero to them.

I felt an immense loneliness, and every night I cried with fear. I did not understand why that happened to me. In actuality, I was not alone, I had my friends, my family … but I could not talk to anyone about fear, anguish, and uncertainty, without worrying them, or without transferring my fears to them, and I did not want that. So, I have tried to provide that support, empathy, and love for those who are going through what I went through, as well as provide solutions.

I firmly believe that we are all heroes, and that we can all help others get through difficult times, simply by listening without judgment, giving a word of encouragement, a smile, or an alternative solution.


One thought on “Surviving cervical cancer changed my life

19 January 2021

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Carmen ! YOU are the hero. An amazing story, and it is so inspiring that you have found your true passion from this experience.

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