Personal development has led me to take the reigns of my life

By: Ivan Aznar (Spain)

My story is a sum of learnings from what is known as “the University of Life” where little by little I was introduced to personal and spiritual growth and I was able to achieve an awakening of consciousness and observe the world in a very different way from the one I was used to.

Until today I have never lived an experience so intense that it changed my life suddenly, It has been more of an exponential growth over the years, making me realize that in reality there are many small circumstances and experiences that are shaping you and you are learning from, developing a much more conscious and simple way of living.

I have been getting to know and deepening both personal and spiritual growth and I have learned that in our subconscious we have ingrained many obstacles that prevent us from enjoying a full life. It is important to undo these knots that are hidden in the depths of our being in order to discover all the potential that we all have within us.

Life is like a roller coaster, sometimes the shocks are great and produce extensive emotions, and others are smaller and we can work through them more easily.

Thanks to everything I have learned from all the people I have met in my life, I have realized that the only person in the world who has the key to change you is yourself.

I suffered some bullying at school and I felt betrayed by the person I loved at that time. This led me to be lost during my adolescence, without a fixed course, without observing how all the negative experiences that happened to me were recorded in my subconscious and were forging many of the fears that I had when I was older.

Due to this, in the topic of trust there has always been an emptiness in me that caused, firstly, that I did not trust the people around me and that these negative emotions would be stronger when I was in a relationship, which made my subsequent relationships doomed to failure by making them toxic because of the internal patterns that I had created due to the experiences I had had in my life.

Thanks to personal development and spiritual growth I was able to understand that it is possible to cleanse ourselves of those traumas that have become ingrained in our mind and that do not allow us to live the life that we can and should live.

Learning to understand myself in the depths of my being, little by little and over time I have managed to become a new and better version of myself, and I have managed to free myself from the fears that paralyzed me and prevented me from achieving my dreams.

Thanks to this introspection, which we should all do, I understand myself much more and I have been able to take the helm of my life and direct it towards the goals that fulfill me and make me truly happy.


2 thoughts on “Personal development has led me to take the reigns of my life

7 June 2021

Very inspiring thank you!

11 June 2021

Thank you for sharing your story with us – it’s brave to be vulnerable!

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