Our strong community helped us overcome the sudden loss of my wife

By: Matias (Argentina)

Many times we hear the phrase “forever”, “for the rest of your life”, or “never again”, but we never really fully understand the meaning of these phrases until we lose someone, someone we love. There the “forever, for life, or never again” is really “forever, for life, and never again.”

On the morning of June 14, 2012, one morning like any other, I said goodbye to my wife and my two children, aged 3 and 5. Goodbye, have a good day, I said, like every morning. I went out to work. We gave each other a long hug, which was interrupted by an uncontrollable fury from our eldest child. No one could hug Ella except him.

In my office the phone rings, I answer, and I hear “Don’t worry” a familiar voice tells me, I came to work and Maria is not feeling well. It was her best friend, her office mate, who probably made one of the most difficult calls for her. I left apparently calm, and  it took an eternal journey of only 20 minutes to reach the place. I stopped the car, got out and walked between various images and thoughts that came to my head. None of that resembled the scene I would find there. There, on the floor, she was surrounded by people who were watching carefully. A doctor at work, as if waiting for a miracle, beat his chest incessantly. I approached, took her foot … time stopped and in a meeting of glances that I cannot and will not be able to forget, everything was said. I did my best, he told me, we lost her, and she left FOREVER!

And so it was, 9 years passed since that day that completely changed my life and that of my children. At that moment I made a commitment, without contemplation. My children were going to set the course of my life, I had to give them back that new happiness. That happiness that a short time ago they had known. I spent a lot of time with my children, and we formed a team. We supported and helped each other, we laughed, and we cried. We were fighting an endless battle to recover from the sudden loss of my wife. Grandparents, friends, brothers, uncles, etc. appeared. A better version of them. We were not just three. We had an army accompanying us.

Today, after so long, I was able to fall in love again, and the boys laughed again. The family grew larger, Elisa joined our lives. Today, only 3 years old, she brings us joy and is the one who, in some way, unites all the members of this new family. Lucrecia, my wife, with great generosity and courage adopted and loves my children as if they were hers. There are times when I think that it was Maria, from somewhere, who chose her and arranged everything so that we can be happy again. The incredible thing is that many more people joined the army who, although today they rest, are ready to take action, if someone needs them.

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