One race, one life

By: Hector Lozano (Spain)

15 years ago I started to participate in races just because I enjoyed running, feeling the adrenaline of putting on a race number on a Sunday was already a challenge for me, as the months passed the distance grew, 10 km, 21 km, the first Marathon… my running times were improving, and the sensations were getting better and better. The races are organized at a bar table after training, the proposals were varied until someone said: “why don’t we do an ultra Trail?”.

Ultra Trail, a race that exceeds 60 km. We were getting into something very serious, a 101 km race when we had never run more than 42km. We started training, more than 4 months and more kms, early mornings and sore muscles that I thought did not even exist, but we stood at the start of the race with a mixture of fear and respect that I will never forget.

And now comes the moment of strategy, how do you face a race in the mountains in an environment that you do not know, at night and with 100 km ahead of you, in more than 15 hours? Well, after several races like this you realize that it is just like a life, where you spend moments of loneliness, lost, eager to leave in the middle of the night alone in an unknown place, asking yourself: what am I doing here? Immediately you go to a moment of euphoria and you see that everything is going well that your legs work that you have the strength to continue and you smile, you like life and the question becomes an affirmation: “I can do this and more”, the race advances in moments of calm, like the days of a monotonous week and in which nothing ever happens, you meet runners you don’t know but who are going through the same ordeal as you and you generate a bond that is often greater than with friends from many years ago, they are people who pass through your life in 5 kms of company but that it seems that you have known for years, with deep conversations subject to the state of mind that we both have at that moment. Until you look up and see a mountain in front of you, a mountain that you think is impossible to climb, you’re tired, 60 km on your legs, at one point it crosses your mind that you can’t handle it, but you start to climb, you suffer, but you climb and in less time than you expect problem solved, you’re up, there is no high mountain that you can’t climb, no problem that has no solution.

And finally comes the goal, which is just that “a goal” with all that it entails, joy, euphoria, fatigue and satisfaction and above all… the end of one challenge and the beginning of another.

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