My spiritual awakening journey to self love

By: Amy Jones (Canada)

Yesterday, Jan 6 2021 I stepped into the life I have been waiting to receive.. for many life times.

I shed generations of pain, suffering and sadness.

That had been carried within me and weighing heavily on my heart.

Impacting every molecule of my life.

I surrendered.

To my prison.

Of control.

Being held back.

From my desire and ability to grow

Past all I have know

into all I knew I could be

for many lifetimes.

It was time.

To hold space.



For the story that I had carried, unknowingly

And also deeply aware.

Yesterday was the day

to let it go.

I said thank you

to the little girl

who just wanted to be safe and to be loved.

I told her she didn’t have to be sad anymore.

She didn’t have to feel scared, or worried, or confused.

She was free now

to go play and have fun and to be creative.

We smiled and hugged and both became full of life again.

The darkness drifted and was replaced

With pink and alive, glowing golden rays of love.


We were both

Finally free

From our prison.


I felt a shift.


More alive.

More energy.

More strength.

More power.


Was replaced with flow.

So much gratitude.

For me.

And my compass.

For wanting this.

For committing to myself.

Again and again and again

Choosing to lead with love.

Thank you for everyone that has been a part of my spiritual awakening journey to self love – you know who you are.

Thank you @lauraansell for aligning your presence and love with me at this very moment in my journey.

Thank you ME. I am so proud of you. I am honoured to be here now. In this moment, in this lifetime, to serve, to love.


3 thoughts on “My spiritual awakening journey to self love

9 February 2021

YOU are the hero Amy ! I find that self love is at the core of all healing journeys. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful story with all of us!

Nicholas Machado
27 February 2021

Amy, what a beautiful story, (is it fair to call it a poem?) that communicates to me so much of what mental healing from any disruption is about.

3 May 2021

Great story Amy, I appreciate and enjoy reading your article. Once in a while, you need to sort of pass on inside to ascend from your own remains and trust in yourself and love yourself and become a renewed individual.

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