My patients are my heroes and show me how to manage my emotions better

By: E.V. (Spain)

I have always wanted to be a nurse, as I love taking care of our patients. I don’t remember ever having wanted to be anything else.

I enjoyed my studies very much, and I am very thankful that I have always gone to work happily, regardless of whether it was a holiday or not. I have enjoyed every day, I have had great bosses that have brought out the best in me, and I have always had a good atmosphere at work. I am conscious that this is not something that everyone experiences, and so I am grateful for that, as my happiness is reflected in how I take care of my patients.

I have worked for numerous departments, but i have to admit that the one that has enriched me the most is Oncology, though I worked there when I was older, had more experience, and was more committed. Something I feel a bit selfish, because the more contact you have with the patients, the better I feel. It´s like a drug!

A very special relationship is established between the patients and the nurses. The amount of emotions that are experienced in our exchanges is incredible. Something complications arise and we suffer. That doesn´t matter to me anymore, though when I started to work my perspective was quite different:

I started working 23 years ago at the hospital and in the Oncology department. As I was working with cancer patients, to protect myself I created a mental shield so as to not suffer. This ended up resulting in inadvertently distancing myself from patients, friends, family … because I would not  tell anything how I felt as I would deny those feelings to myself. After some time, I had to leave the job because it was unmanageable.

But as luck would have it, things in life that are not resolved always come back: I was offered the possibility of setting up a new oncology wing at the hospital. This time I decided not to arm myself with any shields and let my emotions flow. Fortunately most of them are happy as our patients do get better !

I don’t know how to express what I get from my work: it´s like a high! With just a look, a smile, a hug … it´s like a thunderbolt of energy in my inner self ! I won’t lie: there are tough moments too. I have cried with patients, with their family members, by myself in the closet, with my colleagues … we always miss something. But it doesn´t matter, I prefer to let out these emotions rather than let them get stuck inside a mental shield or in lies.

Now I am older and can manager my emotions better, knowing that I must let emotions flow. When I am asked how I manage this, I answer, “nurses help babies be born, adults throughout their lives, and people to die. It’s gratifying to help in all parts of life, and we give comfort, calmness, care, and company to patients …

I have to add that our patients give us a life lesson every day. It is incredible, and it is a gift that all people should experience. You value things in life in a different way, and I thank them for that. They are the true heroes.


One thought on “My patients are my heroes and show me how to manage my emotions better

19 January 2021

YOU are the hero E.V. It is so beautiful that you receive so much from your patients, as we patients receive so much from you .Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

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