My mother committed suicide

By: Román Reyes (Spain)

I live in a daily nightmare that I cannot get out of since my mother decided to end her life by jumping from the sixth floor of the apartment where she lived. Her departure is unjust and her death was perfectly avoidable. Like the 10 people who today, statistically, are going to kill themselves. How many more people have to commit suicide for action to be taken?

That your mother tells you crying that she wants to die and that she needs to be admitted is very hard. But it is even harder to take her to the hospital, beg that they admit her and that they tell you no, change her medication and go home. You live for years in constant fear if one day what has ended up happening happens.

I have started a petition to ask the Ministry of Health for urgent prevention measures to avoid more avoidable suicides like that of my mother’s. The more people we are, the more importance they will give to this problem to which we must react URGENTLY. Suicides are THE FIRST CAUSE OF NON-NATURAL DEATH IN SPAIN, twice as many people die from suicide than from traffic accidents (and many of the suicides are not identified as such). Please, we can’t look the other way.

We do not want a plan in a PDF, we want real measures: more health resources, more psychologists in public health, more training.

Please help avoid more suicides like my mother’s. Let us all ask together for an urgent solution to the Ministry of Health. We need:

– More health resources so that people who are at risk of suicide are not sent home and remain hospitalized for as long as necessary.

– More psychologists in Public Health. The ratio per patient in Spain is ridiculous. It cannot be that you ask for an urgent appointment and they give you an appointment in three weeks.

– More training in suicide prevention, both for health workers and state security forces, as well as for families who live with patients.

– Specialized emergency services. I even asked for help telling them that my mother had had previous suicide attempts and she was discharged even with that notice. Being such a delicate emergency, there must be a faster action plan for prevention.

– Connection system with affected persons. Personal networks are essential and my mother, like many other patients, tended to isolate herself within her self-destructive tendency.

– Emotional education from school. They teach us to add up and they never teach us to process pain as strong as this.

For my mother it is already late, but it is our obligation now to prevent them from abandoning people like her. AND IT IS URGENT. Please make this change. There are many, many people for whom we still have time. Please help me by signing and sharing my petition:

I love you mom. This is dedicated to you.

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