My body refused to live an unbalanced life

By: González G-N (Spain)

London, September 2012. This was not just another business trip. The time had come to present my 2 bosses with an important professional project.

I was fully prepared professionally for this meaningful moment, and I was comfortable with the context, content, and staging.

My body did not feel the same; something was wrong. In 2 years I had visited several specialists (Internist, Gynecologist, Endocrine, Nutritionist, Dermatologist, Digestive, etc.), I had visited the emergency room 4 times in the last 2 months, and I still had no diagnosis or solution.

I didn’t eat that day in London, I just drank chamomile tea, and I barely had strength, so I had to make a huge effort to get to the end of the day. The meeting went smoothly, we had created a new field of collaboration and synergies, which would bring good extra results to both parties. We arrived at the hotel, a 5 star in the heart of London.

But I couldn’t enjoy anything. I made a call to my boss and said “Leave the sound on your cell phone, and if I call you in the middle of the night, take me to the hospital.” My gut was very swollen, my body swollen and I could only think about getting home, getting under the covers of my bed, and waiting for everything to pass … I had no hope, as no one had a solution for me.

That night I didn’t make the call. But when I arrived in Madrid, I called my sister. When she saw me, she noticed that my whole body was deformed by inflammation, and she decided to take me to the emergency room, despite my resistance. At the emergency room I cried out loud, it took 5 attempts to find a vein for the IV line.

Thus began my adventure. I stayed there for 1 week, 5 days with serum, without eating or drinking, in addition to countless tests. 7 days later I asked for voluntary discharge, as they still did not give me a diagnosis and a clear solution, only the suspicion of a great collapse due to stress and carcinogenic markers through the roof. Months ago I had booked a trip for my whole family (23 people) and I had to travel that same day to Paris.

So, without any indication of how to manage this, I decided to take charge of my health and my destiny (and my gut :)) and create my new ME to fix my unbalanced life. I decided to embark on a life adventure that would allow me to take care of myself in a holistic and comprehensive way: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This was the beginning of my new life: more conscious, more connected with myself, with nature and with gratitude. I learned to limit work hours, personal and professional commitments, and socially approved but unhealthy eating habits for me. I created routines of power and respect for myself and for others. I studied integrative health disciplines.

It took me 2 years to regain my usual weight, a regular period, the vitality and joy that had always characterized me, and I will never, ever put them at risk again.

I learned to bet on myself and it worked!

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