My autistic daughter has changed the way I see the world

By: Hugo Sanmartín

When you find out that you have an autistic daughter, you feel lost. Of course it is a shock and you have no idea how you are going to deal with the situation, you spend sleepless nights worried about the well-being of your princess, and you are afraid that people will be cruel to her and that other children will exclude her.

But you cannot allow yourself to be paralyzed, even if you feel overwhelmed. Get active and seek information! Going to the pediatrician and the specialists they recommend is essential. See other specialists for a second and even a third opinion. Research thoroughly and do not leave any detail undiscovered. They will be able to explain the steps you have to take so that the maturation delay turns into the opposite.

I have discovered that it is key to work the exercises rigorously so that there is a daily impact, in addition to giving her a routine that eliminates uncertainty, since this allows her to gradually open up and feel safe.

Confinement for COVID-19 has been wonderful for my daughter Hera, as it has eliminated many daily changes in her life and this has reinforced her sense of certainty and she has been able to spend much more time with her closest circle, including her siblings. . She has thoroughly enjoyed playing and being the cuddly and loving child that she is.

Hera has changed the way I see the world. She is kind and all loving, and I truly believe that autism is the evolution of society. She has tremendous potential, a photographic memory, and the ability to quickly perceive the environment and observe everything at a glance. She is not really an introvert and when she feels confident, she can be outspoken and knows how to look for what she wants.

However, society is not prepared for autism and to avoid conflict, people shy away from it. There is a lot of talk about inclusion and adaptation, but why don’t we adapt to them? We have to understand that autism is normal for people to accept it as such.

And that’s why I like to speak publicly about Hera, to normalize autism and so that we can eradicate the stigma towards it. So that people do not feel the need to hide that they have a child with autism, so that we are all aware that they are an important part of our society who have come to teach us many things and that we should not miss the opportunity to be part of their lives.

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