My 5 key principles to leading a successful life

By: Jay Fantom (Australia)

A few years ago, I reached a particular low in my life when I was heartbroken as my dog of 11 years had to be put down, my job was falling apart, and the relationship with the girl that I thought I was going to marry ended. In a moment of desperation, I went for a drive in my car, and as the car sped forward, I veered, intending to hit a telegraph pole.  For some reason, I never hit that pole. The steering wheel turned somehow, and as the car came to a stop, feeling very emotional, I asked God to give me direction and help.

And so things started to move forward. The mindset that has helped me forward all along has been Persistency, Practicing, Patience with Prayer, and Perseverance. My 5 key principles to living a successful life. I got a new dog, I changed jobs, and I started to notice that sharing my story was inspiring for others. And that’s when I realized that I could also help others share their stories to do the same. I became determined to “unbox” those stories and give people a platform to share their stories from all walks of life and experiences, and that is how the Story Box podcast transformed into what it is today.  The first person on my list of possible guests was Steven Spielberg. I decided that he would be my number one guest and that I would work incredibly hard working towards having him as a guest unboxing his story. Tony Robbins, Lewis Howes, and many others were also on that list. I started out interviewing friends, and it progressed from there.

As most people, I have been through my fair share of adversity, though I am 24 years old. Among other experiences, I have had a bad case of Meningitis Meningococcal, a burst appendix which could have taken my life, depression, anxiety, severe panic attacks, addictions, I’m recovering from an eating disorder that put me in hospital for 9 days, anorexia, Bulimia, and struggles with self-worth.  Being vulnerable has been key in my interviews, as it allows me to connect on a deeper level with the person I am interviewing, as well as potentially helping someone with my experience.

I have realized that each story matters.  My story matters. How many other people´s stories out there matter and we don´t get to hear them? Every person has a story. And I get to share their story with the world. My purpose is to help others realize that they are worth something in life.

Remember that your story matters. Be vulnerable. Share your story, the ups and downs, and how you overcame your adversity. That will help to inspire and guide others.

Be blessed always



4 thoughts on “My 5 key principles to leading a successful life

5 August 2021

Thanks so much for sharing your story Jay ! YOU are the hero! Indeed, everyone´s story matters, and most importantly, they can inspire and guide others.

5 August 2021

Thanks so much for sharing your story and for creating this initiative! you are an inspiration

5 August 2021

Thanks for sharing! What a wonderful purpose in life to aim for – “to help others realize that they are worth something in life.”

6 August 2021

So incredible and inspiring. Opening up and being vulnerable to strangers is so intimidating for me. Hearing your story gives courage for others to open up too.

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