Meditation helped me realize that I am responsible for my own happiness

By: Paloma (Spain)

Thanks to my English teacher, who introduced me to the world of meditation, I learned that life gives you the opportunity to show yourself as you are.

In those conversation classes and thanks to the recommended reading books we worked on, I learned to value life in a different way, to discover that life is not only about breathing, wanting, dreaming, fighting, running, but it is also about facing problems that come to us. That was how meditation played an important role: it helped me to have a clearer mind and to access to more positive emotions to face them.

I have never been a very “zen” person … but thanks to that little introduction from my teacher it was enough to ask myself certain things about my life that have made me see it in a different way, a way that we like more and helps us to get up every day with enthusiasm. And above all, it has led me to think that we are the ones who carve out our own happiness. We must not stop trying and above all we must continue practicing … because the purpose of our lives is to be HAPPY even though sometimes we face obstacles in our way.

Everything I learned in those classes I tried to put into practice in my daily life, my work, my family, my friends and to this day I continue to do it and I have to say that it works for me. I try to smile so smiling becomes a part of me and I have come to the conclusion that probably all these learnings have led me to reveal my inner HERO … and to make others smile and empathize with those who are not having a good time.  Not only have I learned it from my teacher or from books, I also have to say that I surround myself with people who teach me a lot and people I admire and who, for me, ARE TRUE HEROES.

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