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Jessica de la Morena have been gaining the attention of media around the world. Check us out in the shows and publications listed below.

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Chime In Podcast

Chime In Podcast: Unleashing Your Inner Hero

Jessica speaks with Amanda on how we can find our own inner hero in the Chime In Podcast. Jessica shares her inspiration for starting U Are the Hero, a platform that allows anyone to share their story of finding their inner hero through adversity. They discuss how we have been[...]
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vision and intention

The Storybox Podcast: Jessica on setting a vision and intention

Don´t miss Jessica´s conversation with Jay Fantom here in the StoryBox Podcast! She discusses how her cancer journey has transformed her and changed her perspective in countless ways, including learning to let go of doing things. She explains the power of setting a vision and intention, as a means by[...]
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learning from adversity

Inspire Radio, Jessica on learning from adversity

Click here to listen to Jessica on Inspire Radio, sharing her story about learning from adversity, finding her inherent decision-making capability about how she reacts to given situations, integrating her understanding about the temporariness of everything, and about finding her inner strength.
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Whole Health Series Podcast

Whole Health Series Podcast, Story of Healing

Discover Jessica´s guest appearance in the Whole Health Series Podcast, where she discusses her story of healing emotionally, mentally and spiritually, as a means to feel better in general and to support her physical healing. She also explores some of the techniques that helped her most throughout her treatment, as[...]
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Stupid Cancer Stories: Imagine

Check out Jessica’s article in Stupid Cancer Stories: Imagine in which she shares her story about coping with a cancer diagnosis, how she focused on creating a community with strong values, some mindset shifts that helped her heal and find the opportunity in her situation, as well as her newfound[...]
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