Living without fear

By: Liz Hayes

It might sound counterintuitive, but to act as someone’s hero may not involve rescuing or saving them. Instead, by letting them fall, you’re allowing them the chance to be the hero of their own story. While letting someone hit rock bottom may risk perpetuating their feelings of not being good enough, it is, in fact, one of the most important ways for them to learn how to come into their own power. And through this process of personal empowerment, they can realize they are strong enough to connect to their truth, live their life on their own terms, and realize their dreams. To me, that is truly one of the greatest gifts you can offer someone.

For anyone to come into their own power requires that they first understand that their lives are bound by their karma, which keeps them in a state of disempowerment. The fundamental belief, I am not good enough, underpins their karma. It could very well be that they experience this disempowerment daily in their work, their health or financial condition, and even in their relationships. The way through their karma requires them to take actionable steps toward healing the areas or parts of themselves that need their attention (which they often actively avoid or ignore) and to confront those false beliefs that they are not good enough. The key to doing this is burning out the paralyzing fear that often holds them back from fully confronting their issues, which we all do to a certain degree. But living without fear is what we’re here to do. It’s ultimately the point of every hero’s story: to transform themselves into fearless, courageous individuals.

The hero’s gift is to give the space to allow the individual to recognize their truth, which is not only are they good enough, but they always have been. And when someone has come through their own hero’s journey this way, they are in a position to offer this gift to others. As a wife, mother, healer, counsellor, writer and podcaster, I have been practicing this for years; and while it’s easy to spot when someone is facing their karmic reckoning, it is never easy to bear witness to it. But what makes it a truly loving act is the trust that comes with knowing that it is their path to walk. Because that’s the point.

To become your own hero is to write the story where you are the hero. Yet this isn’t easy in a society that still promotes the conventional hero story, where individuals require saving by another. The reality, however, is that we can no more be rescued as we can rescue another or we risk perpetuating and projecting our disempowerment on one another. The only way to create a new world is to create a new reality in which everyone is their own hero.


One thought on “Living without fear

Laura C.
10 February 2021

I truly agree with you Liz. Somehow the path you are telling to choose is by far the most difficult one but I have ni doubt it can take you to your most pure inner hero!
Thanks for sharing. You made my day

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