Living with peritoneal cancer

By: Trini (Spain)

Hi everyone! I’m Trini, and after seeing so many stories of heroes around here and driven by my friend Nubes Azules, I have decided to tell my own story. It was the year 2019, I had finished my course as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist, I started dating the love of my life, and I believed that I was connected with myself and with the universe. But I led a very stressful life, working in a place I did not want to be at, doing what others wanted me to do and not what I wanted, and contradicting myself all the time with what I thought and really felt. And telling myself the whole time that one day I would leave that job but I didn’t do it, and every day I was sad and had negative thoughts all the time!

Until the end of January 2020 when I was diagnosed with peritoneal cancer of unknown origin! How was this possible if I had always been healthy, did sports and took care of my diet? Well yeah, it happened! From the first moment I decided to fight, to continue, to accept it in a natural way, always very well protected by all the people who know and love me! As a result, going to the treatments in the middle of the pandemic, my learning of self-love began, to release my anger, my fears of how I had been talking to myself these years. My journey of loving myself unconditionally began, of believing in me, of letting go of control and believing again in that superior force that unites us and gives light, and of believing in my angels who help me so much.

After a year and a half of continuing in spite of the less good days, which also exist, I keep going, going back to teaching yoga classes and with various projects that God willing will start in September! Always helping! Despite all this process, my life is much better now, although I still have the tumor because at the moment it is not possible to operate on it, but it has stopped growing due to the medication and all of my work that I have been doing since everything started !! Every day I say positive affirmations, and I give thanks for everything, living in the present moment because the past no longer exists!

I would like to tell people who are going through a process like mine to love themselves, to think about their life,  to imagine what it would be like if they were already healthy and to do a lot of what they like. You have to always keep going despite everything and you can be fine despite your illness!

The first time I went to a day center to get the treatment, I was surprised. I was sad and scared but there were only people there eager to live, wanting to help you and giving you encouragement and with a smile. As a result, I decided that every time I went to treatment I would go with a smile and help everyone who needed it !! I know I’ll be cured! I must keep going! Thanks!!!

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