I changed my job to be in harmony with myself

By: M.M. (Spain)

As my friend Jessica wrote some time ago, before big changes come, first we experience chaos.  That is how I felt some years ago: completely in chaos. This is not a story of physical disruption, but looking back and in hindsight it definitely was a psychological disruption.

I spent more than a year feeling like I was pedaling on a bicycle, faster and faster but further and further away from anywhere. I was working very hard at work, and I kept pushing myself further and further to get recognition, which I felt I was not getting from others and much less from myself.

My dark mood led me to go to a psychologist, though I could hardly communicate with him because I could not stop crying. He said that in order for us to advance that I would need to go to a psychiatrist too … a psychiatrist ! This shocked me into realizing the gravity of my situation. I followed the recommendation and went to the doctor.

One day, though, for the first time, I intuitively decided to ask the universe for a wish: simply to be well. And the universe (conjured up by my inner hero) started providing. I asked to be well one week and then the next week … these wishes started turning into my reality, and I started asking for wellbeing for those that I love and those wishes also came true. I remember this time as quite magical.

Soon an opportunity arose to travel to a small island in Kenya with a friend, and I thought this trip would do me a lot of good. What I didn’t realize was that not only would this trip make me happy, but it would also take me a longer journey. When I returned from my holiday in Kenya, I decided to apply for a 5 month long volunteer role at an NGO that I had visited on the island, helping them with accounting and their social networks. I really pushed for this, as I was starting to believe in myself, and not only was I sure that the time there would do me good, but I also was sure that I could help them immensely. They accepted my help and so I got my suitcases ready again a few months later and ventured to Kenya, this time to stay there for numerous months at a Childrens´ Hospital and orphanage of the NGO Anidan, in Lamu, Kenya.

My time in this beautiful island took on the most important journey of my life: an inner self journey that allowed me to find the peace that I was looking for during a long time, as well as all the beauty that surrounded me and was within me.

After these months in Kenya, I came back to my job, but as is usually the case, when we make small changes inside ourselves, big changes happen in our environment. I naturally started setting boundaries around what was not in harmony with me. So a few months later I decided to leave my job definitively, looking for one that made me feel happier and more free. During this transition time I had to face difficult challenges that raised fears, but deep down it was a fun time. I didn’t doubt myself, and so I was certain that everything was going to be fine. That trust in myself allowed me to enjoy the change.

Today I have a job that is in harmony with me. I have left Finance and I am the Director of a school, where I have the opportunity to be creative, and I am thankful for it every day. I still face many challenges, but now I know they are clues that the universe brings me to uncover my self-imposed limitations and work through them.

Now U are the hero has crossed my path. I think it´s a sign from the universe that I should continue to dare to dream: this time contributing in a  project that can help others, give hope and discover many heroes that will inspire me.


4 thoughts on “I changed my job to be in harmony with myself

19 January 2021

YOU are the hero, M.M. Such an enriching journey that has led you to such a happy place ! Keep trusting in yourself! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us!

25 January 2021

What a courageous and motivating story! Thank you so much for sharing, you’ve inspired me!

10 February 2021

So simple and so complex at the same time, what a beautiful story of chasing your dreams and follow the path that fills your inner instead of following the paths society sets for us, well done!

16 February 2021

Thanks MM, it is really inspiring in these hard times. Glad you found your own hero inside. For sure you will inspire others!!!

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