I broke away from my beliefs to free myself from depression

By: Su Gomila (Spain)

I remember that I was totally lost and defeated, suffering a deep depression from which I hoped that someone would take me out. Neither psychologists or psychiatrists helped me break down that wall that stood between my mind and heart, preventing me from being aware of how to get out of there. I alternated between panic attacks and depression for years, sick of drowning, sick of feeling like I was dying, sick of not living, sick of waiting for someone to rescue me and get me out of there.

Suddenly someone told me about Laura, a girl who worked in the wellbeing field. I went to her house. She laid me on the floor and began to use all her resources, her consciousness and her light on me: Reiki, geochromotherapy, massage… after a few sessions I began to be aware that in that “sacred parenthesis” that was created, all the darkness disappeared and I managed to breathe. That was the first ray of light, realizing that everything that was happening was nothing more than a mental position that I could get rid of: an unfounded and abstract fear.

You are like the walking dead!, she snapped at me once when I expressed my fear of dying.

That truth shocked me and made me react. It was the 90s, and I was approximately 28 years old when I became aware of the problem, of the extent to which I was forcing myself to maintain a situation of unhappiness and in which, as a prisoner of my beliefs, I had condemned myself to live. I gathered the courage and the minimum of consciousness to become strong and free myself, break away from everything and go for much more. I broke away from my beliefs and limitations, as well as with those of the chain of women who preceded me ancestrally and had no way out.

From there I began my long path towards raising consciousness: I learned restorative massage in a school called “hands of light” and I never stopped: superior massage, Reiki, kinesiology, spiritual healing, transpersonal psychology, metamorphic massage, sacred geometry and multiple growth workshops that finally took me where I am today, focused on the Akashic Records, their reading and healing. Discovering them has been a balm for my soul, a reunion with my spirituality, a being seen, understood and accompanied from the soul, and I feel a real need to be a channel for others and bring them closer to that same reality that has brought me so much peace. giving my life greater meaning and direction.

Throughout all these years, I have been growing and achieving emotional independence, an empowerment that makes me feel self-sufficient and happy without needing more. I feel like an apprentice of all the immensity of wisdom and knowledge yet to be discovered, but I have resources to work with and it is from there that I long to share from the soul with other beings and be able to accompany them, be their channel, and reach out to them as Laura did with me, who made me see things in a different way that changed my life forever.

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