How I overcame depression

By: Cristina Amor Bodega (Spain)

My name is Cristina Amor Bodega, Dr. in Biology and a naturopathic therapist. You can deduce that I am a lover of nature and everything I can do with my own hands.

I want to share with you what led me to have depression and how I was able to overcome it without the need for drugs, in addition to changing the course of my professional life, to dedicate myself to accompany other women to improve their quality of life.

Since my childhood I was a good girl, responsible, respectful, who did not transgress the rules and was doing what society marks, a good student, daughter, sister, wife, but … before becoming a mother, I fell into depression.

I quite assumed the role of caregiver, which makes us forget to take care of ourselves and this, along with all my other roles of excessive responsibility, respect for others without respecting myself and a high sensitivity, was sinking and undermining me.

It was in early 2004 when I fell into depression where I completely lost the will to live, I didn’t see any meaning in life, I didn’t have the energy to get up and start a new day, I isolated myself from friends, even my own family , I lost my job, I only had negative and catastrophic thoughts, I was easily irritated, I did not see myself capable of doing anything and I hated myself for it. In addition, the tension that this mental state generated in me also affected me physically.

Although in full depression you feel a deep loneliness, the reality is that we are never completely alone and there I had my family who worried about taking me to the professionals who initially accompanied me to get out of this disease, little understood and that cancels you as a person .

The first therapies I knew were Reiki and Bach Flowers! And I preferred to continue with this treatment instead of taking the medications that my doctor prescribed. For me they were my pillars for a long time and the ones that initially helped me regain my energy and balance my emotions, which were crazy!, Exchanging deep sadness for the joy of living.

Little by little I found myself as a person, accepting myself as I am, evolving towards my best version and discovering my true vocation as I mentioned at the beginning. That is why I continued to train and discover other therapies and tools such as the Cardiac Coherence technique, Foot Reflexology and Family Constellations among others, which also served to modify those harmful behaviors towards oneself.

They have been years of intense personal work and accompanying other women to overcome this disease that undermines us as people, but the result has been more than satisfactory in my life.


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25 December 2021

Thanks Cris for share your worthly exoeriece!!

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