How I made my dream a reality

By: Zaira (Spain)

My story begins with a dream, I guess like all stories; my dream was to live in a quiet place, near the sea, with a warm climate, healthy, without debt and without worrying about work, not much! I lived in Madrid and as it was logical to think for a person burned by debt, the comings and goings at work, the sacrifice to earn “a few pennies”, the frenetic pace of life and stress causing havoc and feeding on my stomach and intestines, something in me led me to dream of that other place …

I have never been one to manifest dreams, I dreamed it more in a platonic or utopian way than to see it come true …

Today I can say that I live in Cádiz, close to the sea to visit it daily and fill myself with its powerful energy, I am healthy healthy (what my grandmother would say), I have no debts (well, this is a little lie, my family lend me some money and I am returning it, but it has nothing to do with the bank debts that I had just three years ago) I am a civil servant and therefore I enjoy some job stability.

Wait a minute, a dream has come true! Almost three years have passed since that, nothing came together … it was step by step … I think about what happened that was different so my dreams stopped being in my imagination and I saw them embodied in my life … as tangible as the beach sand sliding between my fingers … I think about it and I know the answer … it has been my consciousness.

Until then I moved by automatic reactions, through a schedule reflected in my mobile phone agenda, I did not stop to think if what I was doing was “good” or “bad” for me, I did not fall into whether or not I enjoyed doing this or that, I did not even stop to think if arguing with my husband for money would generate anxiety or pain or sadness … I argued … without further ado.

I began to work on being mindful, in my case using sequences by Dr. Grabovoi, with my great friend Carmen Cid, perhaps for me it is an essential tool on my path because it continues, it does not end in having come to “Cai” as they say around here. I started with the sale of the house, in addition to using the sequences it made me aware of how beautiful it was, of what I had experienced in it, of how happy whoever bought it would be there, of the benefit it would bring me because from there on I was beginning my adventure to move and so I did the same with everything, my exams to become a civil servant became a true holistic master, hahahaha, where I got frustrated, I was afraid, nervous and I dared to face it, to surpass myself, to know that when you get to a Limit, if you want, you can… consciously, seeing myself as a spectator who as she sees herself, feels more and more proud to be starring in the film.

This I can tell you, a dream … a life …


2 thoughts on “How I made my dream a reality

5 February 2022

So happy for you!!!! It gives me energy and power to follow mine too

6 February 2022

Very true, you have to be conscious about what you want and then go for it! Congratulations and enjoy the warm weather!

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