Healing breast cancer from within

By: Natalia (Argentina)

At the end of January 2018, when I was 47 years old, I was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer. It was a very aggressive cancer, it was extended, and I would have chemotherapy and a mastectomy. My elderly and ill-health mother, my young children who needed me so much. At that moment I had two thoughts in my head: how do I tell my mother and my children without them suffering? And what did this teach me?

My desire was to discover the teaching, to take the intensity of the pain that I felt and transform it into the strength to overcome this; that when I looked at this moment I could say with my heart: “Thank you, this happened to me”, but on that occasion, it was very difficult for me, so I prayed to Jesus every day and he gave me the strength to jump without knowing what was on the other side.

I started the treatment but things got complicated, the chemo damaged my heart, it caused me a severe heart condition, this happens only to 1% of people but it happened to me, and I was admitted to the coronary unit in a very serious condition, and my body did not accept the medication that could improve my heart.

However, every hard moment was followed by a gift. After my first chemo I could feel the force of love when my sister wrapped her arms around me. I was trembling. I felt an electric current in my body, and she stayed up all night telling me over and over again: “here I am.”

When my hair fell out, I was alone, in Buenos Aires (where I was traveling for my treatment) and I received an unexpected message on my cell phone that said: “Good morning, lady, something prompted me to write this to you, God loves you very much and says that everything is going to go well. In his hands, nothing is impossible” or when one night I was admitted to the coronary unit, I was extremely weak but still said several times until I fell asleep: “Jesus, don’t let go of your hand ” and the next morning, an unknown lady knocked on the door of the room and said: “I asked to clean this room. I just wanted to tell you that Jesus is by your side and this will pass. I also had cancer and it affected my heart, and look at me now lifting buckets ” or when the day I had surgery June 12, 2018 and it was a success, although there was a high probability that my heart would not withstand the surgery and that is why the doctors had initially refused to operate on me.

Cancer filled me with gratitude. I learned that you are much stronger than you think, that every day is an opportunity and a gift, that you have to savor every second, to let myself go “as far as this takes me” without wanting to have everything planned, to have confidence in myself that if at some point something does not please me, it is never too late, and that we all have within us the strength to choose another path.

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