Experiencing Uterine Cancer came with a gift

By: Montse Hidalgo

I’ve been trying to write these lines for days, and every time I make an attempt, everything inside me stirrs. A few years have passed since I received the news that changed my life and despite the years it is still hard for me to remember those moments again. Finally, after many drafts and a few tears, I have decided to write these words in case they can help someone. There is a saying that I repeat often that is “life happens for us, not against us.” Life brings us what we need to help us grow and move to the next level. I am a true believer in this but when one is diagnosed with cancer, it is hard to believe it.

After a very hard separation and when my son was less than 2 years old I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. At first I didn’t understand anything and I felt overwhelmed. After much crying, many days and nights without sleep, operations and hospitals, one day without knowing how or why I decided that everything that was happening to me would have to have a reason. So much suffering could not be in vain. This led me to change my attitude and enter into a search in which I still continue to this day to understand why we suffer, who we really are, what happiness is and if it is really possible to be happy …

Thanks to what initially was so painful, my life today is completely different. I understood that pain is mandatory but suffering optional. That you can be absolutely happy despite the circumstances. That happiness is a state of mind and that no matter how difficult the circumstances, we always have the option to choose.

I changed my life completely and in every way (profession, environment, way of thinking, hobbies…), and I became a new person. Today I can say that thanks to that circumstance I am a much better person: I am happier, connected with others and above all more alive than ever.

I have understood that life is a gift, that we do not know how much time we have but that every day is important. That it is not worth spending a second disconnected from love.

Today I like to say that life sometimes brings us gifts wrapped in poop paper: the wrapping is ugly and it smells bad. But if we know how to see the gift that is inside and we discover through it who we are and what we are here for, everything makes sense.

Today I can truly say that I am happy and that to a great extent I could never have been like this without going through that hard experience.

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