Endometriosis as a wake up call about my unbalanced life

By: Julia R. (Spain)

It happened again: my body had formed a new endometriotic cyst just 4 months after my last surgery, which was the second one related to the same issue. It wasn´t possible to operate again without harming my reproductive capabilities. At 36 years old and with dreams of being a mother, my world collapsed.

¿How could I help my body heal and fight the creation of these cysts? The answer was always the same: endometriosis is treated hormonally and surgery is performed once the cysts reach a certain size. It had not worked.

That was when I met a complementary medicine therapist that a friend recommended to me. It involved an approach that was completely foreign to my view of health and lifestyle, until that moment.

I arrived at the first appointment after a week of long work days, including travel: my typical day to day including plenty of stress. Instead of an appointment it felt more like an interview, and I didn´t understand why we didn´t focus solely on my medical diagnosis. The questions asked were focused on my life, on the circumstances specific to when I developed the illness, and he even asked me about my past. Totally weird.

Even so, I felt comfortable. I remember how my mind begun to calm down. I realized I could take an active role in fighting my cysts. I needed to make some changes to my diet, start taking some homeopathic medicine, as well as trace minerals, and I must become more physical active regularly. It was critical that I learn to live in a more calm way. I realized it was all about changing my perception about health and my lifestyle.

I found the way to introduce these new habits. Soon I saw this situation as an opportunity, not only to remove the cysts but to be happier and to feel better. I started to worry less, while my confidence grew and grew. As the weeks went by, these habits became second nature, and I started to include some other smaller changes.

During the process I was accompanied and helped by my therapist, who followed my evolution and tweaked my treatments. Slowly I learned about how holistic medicine can help improve our health.

I never abandoned my quarterly gynecological checkups. We saw how the huge cyst became smaller and smaller. My gynecologist, though skeptical, started to consider that the third and more drastic surgery was not necessary. In fact, a year later the cyst was too small to be operated on, and two and a half years later, the cyst had disappeared.

Additionally, not only did I feel better physically, but I was also a lot more calm and had more energy.

I trusted in the process and felt very positive about it, especially by playing an active role in fighting my illness. I learned to live in a calmer way, listening to my body and taking care of myself both physically and mentally.

I realize now that in this journey it was critical for me to change my perception of my reality and try new things, as well as to share my fears and challenges. Sharing experiences it is possible to find a new path of opportunity, to be your own hero.


3 thoughts on “Endometriosis as a wake up call about my unbalanced life

13 January 2021

Julia, me ha gustado mucho leerte y conocer esta parte de ti. Mucho ánimo, siempre pienso en ti.

19 January 2021

This is a beautiful example of how opening one´s mind to new things can make the world of difference ! Thank you so much for sharing your experience with us. YOU are the hero!!

Macarena Méndez
18 February 2021

Acabo de leer tu historia. Es super valiosa para tantas mujeres… voy a compartir!!

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