Diluting the resistance of our ego to heal

By: Roque Bondarevsky

I started my medical career with the firm conviction that I wanted to be a unicist homeopathic doctor and have a humanistic and individualized practice, treating each person in their unique and special complexity.

However, even in homeopathy, the medical approach continued to be restricted, since it had to reach a pre-established and often limiting diagnosis and treatment.

On the other hand, the medical paradigm maintains that the drug substance (be it of natural or artificial origin) exists outside the person, and must be administered to obtain a curative reaction.

My wish was to be able to turn the medical act into a healing act in itself, where that therapeutic principle exists within the doctor or therapist himself, and in turn is capable of activating a healing movement in the patient.

Thus it was that I was naturally moving towards multiple humanistic and psychotherapeutic training such as systemic family therapy, astrology, shamanism and family constellations.

As I was incorporating and integrating more perspectives and approaches, and more sensitivity to perceive the specificity of each person, I began to feel that the therapeutic act transcends even the application of some knowledge and techniques, and is something that happens beyond the intention to heal of the therapist and of the patient.

I discovered that the therapeutic procedure has more to do with putting oneself at the service of life, in tune with a greater and more mysterious power than that of a substance.

Accessing that power and that harmony requires a lot of humility, because one no longer heals, but cooperates and facilitates that process.

In my life journey, through the more or less traumatic difficulties that I have experienced, I discovered in my own process, the same things that I observe and practice with the people I help.

The impulse to move forward, to heal, to open new paths, to reinvent oneself, is an impulse that goes beyond one’s own will; it is a transcendent impulse. It is what life wants for everyone.

Resilience is a quality that is connected to that essential movement of life. Because life wants to evolve, and it wants the best for us, whatever adventure it pushes on us.

The key is to allow ourselves to listen to that call and to put ourselves at its service.

At that moment the resistance of our ego is diluted, because we perceive the greatness and relief that exists in letting ourselves go, even if it is necessary to do so through the path of illness, pain, or some other difficulty.

What is interesting and revealing about this approach is that we stop having ideas or pretensions about what we believe is best for ourselves.

We wake up to the evidence that life knows more, and that even when it leads us down strange and difficult paths, we can be surprised with the new understandings that emerge, with the sensitivity that we begin to perceive in ourselves and in the world … in short, our heart opens.

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