What I learned about grief

4 years ago, I lost my husband. He died suddenly at a young age. I also lost both my parents. I’ve learned a few things about grief along the way and wanted to share in the hope that it may be of some help to others.
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How I got over my husband's sudden death

We seemed invincible. We had a wonderful life, two amazing young children, a beautiful house, an interesting job and, above all, a very clear and exciting future life planned ahead of us. The news was waiting for me when I returned from work: my husband had died in an accident[...]
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abusive relationship

Only YOU can end a toxic relationship

It all started as the most beautiful love story you can imagine. At the age of 29 I fell in love for the first time, and who would have thought that after almost 10 years what began as an idyllic story turned into something dark from which I desperately needed[...]
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Never Lose Hope

Getting out of a toxic relationship

A rebellious marriage is how it started, as running away is what I knew best. Little did I know that the grass is greener scenario would be a huge nightmare. I was in my early twenties when it started, and it continued through the decade. There was physical abuse, dominance,[...]
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The unraveling

Lessons from my divorce

The day my ex husband and I decided to get divorced was bitter sweet. I felt the immense relief that comes from finally making a decision that had been marinating for a long time, and deep in my gut I knew that it was the right thing to do. On[...]
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