Inner Self


One race, one life

15 years ago I started to participate in races just because I enjoyed running, feeling the adrenaline of putting on a race number on a Sunday was already a challenge for me, as the months passed the distance grew, 10 km, 21 km, the first Marathon... my running times were[...]
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5 Principles

My 5 key principles to leading a successful life

A few years ago, I reached a particular low in my life when I was heartbroken as my dog of 11 years had to be put down, my job was falling apart, and the relationship with the girl that I thought I was going to marry ended. In a moment[...]
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galaxy of stars

You are a galaxy of stars

Sometimes just breathing can leave you feeling crushed and not revived Like you're an ocean so ravaged of salt you question was I ever an ocean at all, Or a mountain beginning to crumble asking yourself how far do I have to fall before I'm no longer a mountain but[...]
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Diluting the resistance of our ego to heal

I started my medical career with the firm conviction that I wanted to be a unicist homeopathic doctor and have a humanistic and individualized practice, treating each person in their unique and special complexity. However, even in homeopathy, the medical approach continued to be restricted, since it had to reach[...]
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my spiritual awakening journey to self love

My spiritual awakening journey to self love

Yesterday, Jan 6 2021 I stepped into the life I have been waiting to receive.. for many life times. I shed generations of pain, suffering and sadness. That had been carried within me and weighing heavily on my heart.Impacting every molecule of my life.I surrendered.
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vivir sin miedo

Living without fear

It might sound counterintuitive, but to act as someone’s hero may not involve rescuing or saving them. Instead, by letting them fall, you’re allowing them the chance to be the hero of their own story. While letting someone hit rock bottom may risk perpetuating their feelings of not being good[...]
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I no longer feel exhausted and anxious

5 steps to build resilience and boost energy

I always felt like I had to please everyone, and this led to lower energy and higher anxiety and stress levels for me over the years.  At different roles in my previous jobs, I was able to connect and network with a lot of people, hundreds of them, in many[...]
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Born with a Lucky Star

Yoga and meditation helped me find my way in Qatar

This is a quote my mum used to tell me every time I was getting something good in my life. However, looking at how my life is shaping up and the experiences I have had, I challenge my mum! I wouldn't say that I was born with a lucky star,[...]
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