A heart attack taught me the essence of being

By: Sara Dobarro

Learning, understanding and communicating are my life passions. I thought I understood communication and the meaning of life until one day my heart stopped. On March 24, 2019, during a family meal on a quiet Sunday, surrounded by love, I had a heart attack.

. -We are losing her!! She enters ventricular fibrillation, I hear Dr. Jiménez alerting the hemodynamicist who was operating on me, Dr. Simó.

The heart attack with three cardiac arrests and their corresponding electric shocks (defibrillations) made all my thoughts stop, and I experienced with full attention the unfolding of my being in body and soul.

While my heart was stopped, my brain was conscious, recording everything that happened in the operating room and in my body and at the same time the near-death experience of being on the other side. A place with a lot of peace, where I could perceive the communication and the approach of friendly beings. The five senses we use here do not work in the afterlife: you feel telepathically. When those kind beings that accompanied me approached, I sensed that they were my father and my godmother, who recently passed away. They were the ones who helped me get back into my body.

At the same time, I saw the operating room and how they sparked me, while my body jumped through the air like a rag. I felt the hellish pain, burning and whiplash from the defibrillation. In the meantime, I could listen and memorize the conversations of the doctors who attended me. The brain that had captivated my attention as a neuroscientist, with its mastery of managing communication inside of me and with my external world, was the one that made me understand that without its coordination with the heart, life is not possible.

Since then, my work has focused on knowing better how my heart works and entering the Aragón Cardiac Rehabilitation program. I learned to lead a heart-healthy life, to incorporate new habits into my life, such as walking 8 to 10 kilometers a day, eating a healthy diet and sharing experiences with others having suffered heart attacks. They taught us that we were privileged because of every 10 people who had a heart attack, 8 did not make it to the hospital alive.

This privilege made me understand that to live in harmony we need to have the brain and the heart aligned, and I was able to improve the methodology that I created “mSD method” to extract greater potential from the brain. This “extraordinary” experience of love for life helped me understand who I am, what is behind life and help other people understand each other, always with the utmost respect and affection, because we are all unique and each life has a meaning . It is what I do professionally, in Zaragoza.

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