5 steps to build resilience and boost energy

By Rafael P. (Brazil)

I always felt like I had to please everyone, and this led to lower energy and higher anxiety and stress levels for me over the years.  At different roles in my previous jobs, I was able to connect and network with a lot of people, hundreds of them, in many countries around the world.  I loved it, and still get excited when I meet new people today, when I work on projects for my own business.

It may sound quite simple – to work with people – but it is both the most challenging and inspiring journey I’ve experienced.

–     Challenging because I am constantly interacting with people from all over the world, from different cultures, and distinctive communication styles and methods. People with different egos, attitudes, interests, and work habits.

–      Inspiring because I am constantly learning something new from all these people, which therefore enriches our own perspective of how to do business, establish and maintain relationships, and interact with very different realities from my own culture.

One of the things I have learned is how to manage and use my energy better.

What I mean by ENERGY is the amount of time, effort, and attention I give to things, people, and activities I take part in.  I have realized that we are ALL made of energy, and we attract energy (good or bad) depending on how we react to, acknowledge, or dedicate our attention to.

Developing the following interpersonal skills for myself and seeking them out in others, has helped me boost my energy levels to a much higher and balanced point, increasing more positive energy flow to others:

  1. Attitude: I interact with people who are optimistic, who are not going to quit easily, and who don’t complain all the time.
  2. Resilience: working on my own business, or in a relationship, is the ultimate emotional rollercoaster. It’s the ups and downs that I have to face on a weekly (and sometimes daily) basis that determines my character and willpower to keep me moving forward.
  3. Empathy: I work and interact with people that care, who have empathy towards others.  Everyone has their own challenges, so try to understand and empathize with others when unexpected circumstances occur
  4. Complementary Skill Sets: I identify and partner with people, professionals, or companies who can complement my own skill sets when initiating a new project (personal or professional).  That is why I seek partners who can add value to my life and business, and I can do the same for them.
  5. Good Communication: I strive for efficient and clear communication so that misunderstandings are minimized, and transparency and progress are maximized.  A huge part of failure in new relationships or business ventures is due to weak or unclear communication channels between partners, co-workers, and others.

It is already working for me!  Focusing on these 5 key areas has turned the disruption I was facing into so many positive things in several areas of my life, including health, work, and inner self development, as well as helped me build resilience.


2 thoughts on “5 steps to build resilience and boost energy

Alana G
28 January 2021

Thank you for sharing your story about the importance of balancing one’s energy as well as creating positive energy for positive change. Yes, by keeping your frequency high, one will project the positive energy one desires. In turn, developing these important inner self development skills as addressed in your story, one gains a new outlook, a new response to handling all situations/interactions, and a new wave of positive energy is ejected into the world. Win. Win on all fronts. Bravo!

28 February 2021

Thanks Rafa! Super useful tips I want to start implementing!

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