Life disruptions are hard.
But you are not alone.
Many others like you have unleashed their inner hero.
We are the invisible tribe.

Read hero stories in our community that are aligned with your values of having a positive and constructive outlook, helping others, being respectful and trustworthy, and open-mindedness.

These stories will give you hope and inspire you to own your wellbeing and take action.

Share your story, be vulnerable and release your feelings, and in the process you can help and motivate others.

Never feel alone again.


RESPONSE-ABILITY is a truly valuable life skill. This ABILITY lies inside all of us, however it is mostly dormant while we are on auto-pilot in our busy day to day. Our automatic pilot serves an important purpose allowing us to make decisions quickly while simultaneously considering our individual preferences and beliefs.

You can’t control how or when life will disrupt you.

You CAN control…your ABILITY…to RESPOND in any given situation.

When you look inward and go deep, you can create your own experience and redefine your outlook on life.

A review of the “settings” in your auto-pilot will teach you to pause, gain perspective and make decisions aligned with your values and your heart’s desire.

Seek out a supportive community, be vulnerable in sharing your story for others to read, find resources and therapies along your journey of looking inwards. You can learn the tools and gain the courage to discover your own incredible abilities. You will be empowered and inspired and in your RESPONSE-ABILITY, you will find your inner hero.

YOU ARE THE HERO you were looking for.


Find an article that speaks to you and your disruption by searching words related to your journey.  Click on our favorite searched words and icons to the right or search your own below.

Be uplifted by others’ inspirational stories, as no matter what the disruption is, there is a common thread between them that speaks to all.

Read how others have turned a challenging moment into opportunity and be motivated to do the same.


The most read
hero stories

YOU are the hero

YOU Are the Hero

Deciding to share my story more widely with you all has been one of the most revolutionary steps I have taken, and one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life. It does take courage to be vulnerable, but it has brought me so much joy to be contacted[...]
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The hero that made me believe in myself

Believing in myself helped me to overcome Perthes

When I was 4 years old, my parents started noticing I had a slight limp. It never went away, and some months later, I was diagnosed with perthes. Do you know what that is? Do you remember Forrest Gump running like crazy with his leg braces? I had the same[...]
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To dare to go into unknown territor

Endometriosis as a wake up call about my unbalanced life

It happened again: my body had formed a new endometriotic cyst just 4 months after my last surgery, which was the second one related to the same issue. It wasn´t possible to operate again without harming my reproductive capabilities. At 36 years old and with dreams of being a mother,[...]
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The unraveling

Lessons from my divorce

The day my ex husband and I decided to get divorced was bitter sweet. I felt the immense relief that comes from finally making a decision that had been marinating for a long time, and deep in my gut I knew that it was the right thing to do. On[...]
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Your story can be a beacon of light to guide someone going through disruption.

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